Flaros is a decorative ceramic pot met only in Sifnos that is used as a chimney made of clay. Its name ows its origin to the Catholic monks who flooded the Cyclades from the period of Frankish rule and onwards. These monks, called frère (brother), were tall and covered with black robes from head to toe. Flaros’ are large pots with three open holes for the smoke to emerge from. Because, however, this chimney was turning black by the smoke and reminded the monks with the frocks, it was named Flaros. It is the trademark of the Sifnian pottery art, which still thrives on the island.

Continuing to grow – since 2015 – Flaros, has now moved up to Artemonas, and keeps offering an holistic gastronomic journey.

Combining the high quality food experience with the finest wines of the Greek vineyard and unique Signature Cocktails based on local ingredients and tastes, Flaros creates relaxing moments, on the most vivid central alley of Artemonas, offering the greatest view.

At the same building, our guests can find a retail store of exclusive Greek creations and a carefully selected list of Greek products such as wines, fine art, handmade and loomed bags, accessories, decorative items, souvenirs, silk scarves, tees, clothes, jewelry and many more. All related to Greece and its culture.



After many years of experience in tourism hospitality, we created Flaros restaurant in order to introduce to the guests of our island the gastronomic as well as the cultural heritage of our land, through our tastes and hospitality.

In our place, made with simplicity and minimalism, we emphasize in the essence: The human touch and the balance of the tastes, by perfectly matching the technique with passion.

Our efforts aim to contemporarily emerge the rich traditional Greek cuisine, by using mainly Greek, and local as possible, products and ingredients, in order to create healthy, nutritious and high-quality dishes.

By our extended and always updated list of strictly Greek wines from all over the country, we emphasize in fine Greek winery, providing a complete Greek taste experience.

Our Slogan: «Made with love